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Clarese facilitates European financial institutions pursuing class actions by the American lawyers office, that is world market leader in class actions.


The Challenge
When an asset manager has to deal with a stock fall caused by a fraudulent company, he stands for two challenges.
The first challenge is to try to limit the damage caused by this stock fall; this can be done by issuing a claim at the companies in which they have invested.The second challenge concerns the prevention of further damage which may develop when a claim is left out by asset managers. Several examples of shareholders suing asset managers for not issuing a claim, have been reported in the United States . These shareholders claimed that this carelessness had harmed the financial position of the asset manager and by doing so, the interests of the shareholders. Further damage can thus be prevented by issuing a claim. Issuing a claim; how is this done, who do you need to contact and what does it cost? Clarese will assist you in this.  

The Solution
It is custom that duped parties unite into a class and litigate together in a so called class action. Clarese facilitates in two ways, because of the exclusive cooperation with the lawyer's office. We offer a custom made assistance at class actions, pursued by the lawyer's office. We also offer a direct connection to the automated monitoring program of the lawyer's office, with which at an early stage the possibilities of regaining damage and losses are spotted. The lawyer's office operates on a no cure / no pay basis.

Clarese assists
Clarese offers asubscription for monthly information concerning the potential class actions, information-exchange with your back office and advice about the class action that need to be taken. This will give you a fixed point to tend to and will give you control in class actions. You will also receive a quarterly information about the developments of the class-actions in which you participate. You can download the application-form from our website and send it completed and signed to Clarese. We would also willingly like to visit you to further explain our services.